Teacher/Educator Appreciation Week

In this Teacher/Educator Appreciation Week, I want to shine on my middle school student council adviser from back in North Carolina.  Through Mrs. Henry – who is pointed out using a blue arrow in the above photo of student council advisers across NC – I learned about the wide world of student council, which became a major part of my teenage years.  We drove together and sometimes flew to many student council conferences and workshops in North Carolina and beyond.  I took my first airplane ride – to Chicago – with Mrs. Henry and a bunch of other folks for the National Student Council Conference in 1989.  Oh, how I loved meeting young folks from all over the country!  We sang songs, listened to keynote speakers, played games, and participated in small group sessions on team building, goal setting, and student involvement.  

On van trips through North Carolina and plane rides elsewhere as well as in her leadership class at my middle school, Mrs. Henry helped to shape my understanding of leadership and build my confidence as she exposed me to a world of eye-opening experiences.  I love Mrs. Anne Henry and am grateful for her helping me to become the person I am today.  She is a big part of the reason I became a teacher :) 



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